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Jan Akkerman
Focus in time


The excellent 1996 solo album from Jan Akkerman. Tha album contains several adaption of classical works by Bach, Fauré, Grieg and Mozart.

All songs and adaptions written by M. Muleta and published by LaurieAnne Music, except "Apres un reve", "Elegy" and "I'll find my own way home", written or adapted by M. Muleta and Tom Salisbury and published by LaurieAnne Music and Support My Music (administered by Warner Basart Music Publishers), "Am I loosing you" written by Coco Montoya.
Jan Akkerman plays guitars by Gibson, Lowden and Robberts' and uses amplifiers by Ernst, Trace and Peavey

Jan Akkerman's comments to the songs:

Home Voyage (Intro)
I once saw a Dutch painting (circa 1600) about a farmer tiling his field while Icarus was falling to earth. Pretending not to notice Icarus, the farmer plows on.

Home Voyage (Where would I be)
Without the influence of composers like Johann Sebastian Bach my interpretation of rock'n roll, rhythm & blues and classical music would have been quite different.

Home Voyage (I'll make it up to you)
My guitar lies between my hands, and my heart.

Home Voyage (Extro)
The farmer gets the blues.

Following a long recording session during the summer months I would take the old "Bonny" out for a drive along the dike overlooking the "ljsselmeer" (the inner lake of Holland). On one of those nights I stopped and noticed the cross of St. Vincentius, shining it's neon light in the distance. It reminded me of how some things pass and yet reappear, like a phoenix rising from the ashes.

Nail the snake
The long road home stretches like a snake through the nocturnal countryside. I fell I've "nailed the snake" when I arrive safely (although "the snake" has almost nailed me a few times).

Aprés un Rêve
Five years ago I saw a film in which this beautiful music was featured. Since then I have driven everyone up to the wall trying to identify the composer. Finally, while I was performing in the north of Holland, a theatre director immediately recognized the theme as the work of the great French composer Gabriel Fauré and faxed me the music the very next day. My gratitude to him, and many thanks to Tom for such an excellent arrangement. But what a bitch to play...

Am I loosing you
A friend of mine, Jacques Kloes, gave me a tape containing songs he would like to do on the "Bluesroute '95". This one stands out.

On the table
My first contact with rhythm & blues and blues licks came from Mahalia Jackson's recording of "Didn't it rain". Although I have played this song throughout my musical life, my approach to "On the table" is slightly more profane. Somewhere the twain does meet.

I was unaware that my father had ever played the guitar until recently, when my mother showed me a picture of him playing the bloody thing in a band! I should have suspected his musical ability all along, for although he always talked about boxing, motor racing and dogs, he also stressed the importance of Django's music and took me to a Gypsy who taught me to play the accordion (in those days the accordian was the national instrument). I'll never forget him putting me on his motorbike when I was six or seven years old and taking me to my weekly sessions with an accordion orchestra. I now realize how much I owe to this fantastic man. This is for him.

Larie Anne
For my sweet two little monsters.

Leading me there
I've always taken great pride in metaphorically racing a motorbike through a church (I must have inherited this from my father, who wasn't too crazy about churchianity) and with the band Focus I began to play bluesn over Bach. When I left Focus, members of the Bach Society told me that they hoped I would become more musically aware and civilized. Taking their advice, on "Leading me there" it's blues over Mozart.
We recorded this piece in the Great Church of Naarden where my old compadre, Rick van der Linden, had to tame this whistlin', huffin'n puffin' monster of an organ. I'm told I had an uncle who also was an organist in this very same church before World War II. Realizing that this uncle had played here all those years before makes me wonder: what goes around must come around.

I'll find my own way home
Acid Bach.

Patio Music
CD album
Release No.
P.M. 96500
Jan Akkerman (guitars)
Tom Salisbury (keyboards & programming)
Ton Dijkman (drums)
Manuel Hugas (bass)
Nico Brandsen (Hammond organ)
Rick van der Linden (church organ)
Stylus Horns
Philip Kolb (horn arrangement)

Tom Salisbury
Matt Butler
Wisseloord Studios, Hilversum
Home Voyage (J.S. Bach)
- Intro
- Where would I be
- I'll make it up to you
- Extro

Saudade (Muleta)
Nail the snake (Muleta)
Aprés un Rêve (Fauré)
Am I losing you (Montoya)
Wildflower (Muleta)
On the table (Muleta)
Elegy (Muleta/Salisbury)
Laurie Anne (Grieg)
Leading me there (Mozart)
I'll find my own way home (Muleta/Salisbury)