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Jan Akkerman


This was recorded two years after the FOCUS album with Thijs van Leer and follows many of the themes. The opening track is an interpretation of "Bach-one-turbo-overdrive" which appeared on the FOCUS album. Jan employs a battery of guitars (Gibson Les Paul. Framus Jan Akkerman, Roland 300 & 700, Valdez etc) and effects to create keyboard sounds and even kettle drums, with the result that this album is full of energy with some of Jan's fastest guitar playing.

The bonus tracks on this release are previously unreleased demo recordings, produced, engineered and mixed by Jan Akkerman.

Inlay booklet contains several photos and liner notes by Jan Akkerman.

Liner notes by Jan Akkerman:
Heartware is about taking rides in the night on your bike somewhere in the east of Holland where the studio happened to be (Normaal Studios owned by one of the local top bands called "Normaal") lots of beer, etc...

I never forget that Bennie (the lead singer of Normaal) had to check out if the streets were even enough and broke his wrist over an off the road furnace called Yasomething (hedge clipper).
Si I did 5 gigs because he had heard that my playing wasn't too bad and asked me to do some for the folks out there. I said I wouldn't take resposnibility for any dementes Iraqi Kurds that had escaped execution and was in the most dangerous situation in my life. Beer cans flying around, hay, false teeth, real teeth, bras, knickers etc...

I was just grateful that my fingers didn't get stuck between the fretboard and the strings cause I probably would wind up just as bas as... you name it. At the same time I realised that in order to stay true to mye metier I'll had to proceed with what I was doing there.

Playing tunes like "lost & Found" gave me so much satisfaction that it became clearer that the choice I made 25 years before was a difficult but true one, namely: That it is easy to give in to what people understand of guitar playing, which is not that much. There are more people who don't know how to play the thing then people who do and it's obscene to see & hear how it's being misused on a basis of self assumed importance on someone else's behalf and craftmanship, thinking they're doing the right thing by confirming the plumber's idea of how to play the thing.

Realizing this again I had to go for the bull's eye (Watch the word "Bull"). Not that I know everything about music & everything attached to it but one has to try the utmost in that area trying to create your own thing. I know a guy who has been doing everything I do in reverse, for 25 years now. So instead he comes, he goes & keeps singing back so I sort of jump over my own shadow with this music. Anyway it's a pleasure to see my work back on tracks and racks.

Thank you
Jan Akkerman

CD album
Release No.
Jan Akkerman (Guitars, Bass, Synths, MIDI interfaces)
Ton Dijkman (drums)
Michael Peet (bass)

Bonus tracks:
Jan Akkerman
Ton Dijkman
Manuel Hugas
Jan Akkerman
Mike van Dalm, Volkmar Grobbé, Roel Toering, Jan Akkerman
Commodore Studio, Zelheim & Live Music Maker Studios, Volendam
My pleasure
Just because, so
Lost and found
Winterborn lyric
Lonely street of dreams

Bonus tracks:
Apollo's mask
Dancing in chains (not S.M.)
Dompteuse Du Serpent
Fire from heaven
Almost dawn
Agony & Ecstasy