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Brothers: Brothers


John Lee and Gerry Brown have been friends since high school. When they recorded their album "Mango Sunrise" in 1972, they enlisted Dutch guitar master Eef Albers. In the mid seventies, guitarist Daryl Thompson was added to this formidable trio, and thus the genesis of "Brothers".

In the fall of 1980, John Lee, Gerry Brown, Eef Albers and Daryl Thompson embarked on a seven-week tour of Europe. The soaring fusion of jazz and rock performed by this well-rounded group of musicians was enthusiastically received by sold-out audiences all over the continent. During one such performance, the great German pianist Wolfgang Dauner heard the group and fell in love with their music. He asked John Lee if the group would like to record at the Sugar Factory Studio (Tonstudio Zuckerfabrik) in Stuttgart, Germany, and the result was one of the most outstandingrecords of the fusion era.

After seven weeks on the road, the band was absolutely tight and the music was second nature. The session lasted two days, around the clock. John Lee and Daryl Thompson mixed the album in twelve hours! Though labourious, the recording was "a labour of love". "Brothers" was chosen as the name of the band as well as the name of the recording, as it exemplifies the feeling that the group has for each other as well as for humankind.

"Brothers" was recorded and mixed at Tonstudio Zuckerfabrik, Stuttgart, Germany in December 1980.
24 Bit CD mastering by Timour Klouche at Nepenthes, Berlin

Hot Wire
CD album
Release No.
EFA 12839
John Lee (electric bass)
Gerry Brown (drums)
Eef Albers (electric guitar)
Daryl Thompson (electric guitar)

Tonstudio Zuckerfabrik, Stuttgart
1. Uptown express 6:13
2. Brothers 4:34
3. Rita 5:07
4. Rise on 4:27
5. For Bill 5:37
6. Close the door 4:43
7. Uncle William 8:03
8. Bury my heart 1:20 (Bonus Track)