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Jan Akkerman
Pleasure point


Liner notes by Jan Akkerman:

Kingdom PLEASURE POINT made in 1979 but released in 82, after a period of experimenting with a wicked box called GR 300. A thing that could sound like a pack of rats being roasted alive with an occasional cow moaning in pure ecstasy, or some yaks jumping around or...

The first song, it sounds like a distant choir slightly manipulated, but I like that. Anyway, I nailed the thing the way I wanted to hear it.

All the so called purists didn't like it cause it was not a real instrument but at the same time I haven't seen any gigging musician jump on a horse after the gig.

The pleasure was to play this material with some good players: Jasper van't Hof is a pianist who influenced me more than I thought and I mangked in some freestyle harmonics in "Visions of Blue" second half so to speak.

On the other hand there was my old friend Joachim Kühn, also keyboards, who is into the total freedom thing and we did some concerts together which were easily labelled as "scandalous" and a few things more with my clothes on. Never, ever, I wanted to see a keyboard player again but, as I said, Joachim is a great person and musician and together we've made some very pleasing notes with our instruments (No, not Moon River).

The other musicians like Hans Waterman, Pablo Nahar, Martino Matupeiressa, Jim Campagnola, Roland Zeldenrust, understood the situation and played their butts and moi started to have fun in playing again with keyboard players etc. Which is quite suspect in Holland, I guess, and the thing was dumped by the (then) local pop press. Just like Titanic.

I loved Rock and Roll (I started playing R&B and R&R when I was 8 or 9). It was about breaking rules and laws. Like Django who played forbidden music during the occupation in 40/45 in Paris. And as a little brat I liked that, and still do. Took it a little too direct for some people.

Now we are some 20 odd years later and if I have insulted anyone ine the pop industry with my sounds...:"I beg his or her pardon!"

So? Am I glad the thing's re-released?

Thank you
Jan Akkerman
Holland 1998

Hux Records
CD album
Release No.
Jan Akkerman (guitars and bass)
Jasper Van't Hof (keyboards)
Joachim Kühn (keyboards)
Jim Campagnola (tenor sax)
Pablo Nahar (bass)
Roland Zeldenrust (drums)
Hans Waterman (drums)
Martino Matupeyressa (percussion)

Jan Akkerman
Maarten De Boer & Jan Willem Ludolph
Spitsbergen Studio, Zuidbroek, Holland
Valdez (Akkerman)
Heavy Pleasure (Akkerman)
Cool in the shadow
Visions of blue
Bird island

Bonus tracks:
Atlamtean dew
Laurie's dance
Angel blue
35 seconds
Waterfalls of Eden
Terra Pax?!
Guilty by association
Communion & Procession
Near Odessa
Anne Mia