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Jasper van't Hof
Jasper van't Hof: Eyeball


Liner notes by Charley Baker:

The fast rising star of Jasper van't Hof brings every real music lover to excitement. His way of piano playing is overwhelmning. Jasper is a young giant in the music scene of today. Enough reasons for "Keytone Records) producer Chris Hinze, in whose Combination Jasper played before, to record an album with this incredible pianist. Jasper's intention of music is very deep, and based on the tradition of jazz from blues, swing, bebop, and free jazz till the rock idiom of now. Jasper van't Hof - lately the biggest discovery in jazz - belongs to the best pianists of Europe. Do you remember the Piano Conclave? Well, he played with such piano giants as George Gruntz, Joachim Kühn, Wolfgang Dauner and Keith Jarrett! He was a member of the Pierre Courbois Association and the sensation of the Berliner Jazztage in 1972. Jasper played at all important European jazz festivals and now appears with jazz giants as Charlie Mariano, Steve Grossman, Albert Mangelsdorff etc.

Eyeball presents Jasper van't Hof as the brilliant piano player with many musical sides in jazz. His lyrical quality reaches the top in his own compositions Eyeball nr. 1 and nr. 2. Jasper's excellent rhythm capacities do show his incredible talent, such as in One leg missing.

The album presents beautiful sound nuances, played by totally involved musicians. They joined the multi-talented Jasper, and it really cooks! Guitarist Wim Overgaauw, Dutch jazz guitarist number 1, could not be missed on this album. Wim is featured amongst the others in the lovely ballad Viber snake in a wonderful combination with Jasper. There is no way to forget Zbigniew Seifert. This Polish violinist possesses a dominating position in the European musical territory and it is inevitable that he will become world famous.

It is unnecessary to say that Eyeball is a musical adventure in jazz. An adventure which we can follow with admiration and praise. I'd like to finish these liner notes with a few words about the rhythm section, the closest and most dynamic in Europe. They were members of the Chris Hinze Combination. Bass player John Lee and drummer Gerry Brown. They, too, make Eyeball delicious, exciting and I still hear Jasper talking about this album: "It's unbelievable, Charley, unbelievable how this rhythm section behind us can bring the intensity of my record to unexpected atmospheres."

Jasper van't Hof. His music of today will surely move into tomorrow!

CD album
Release No.
FCD 0002
Jasper van't Hof (keyboards)
Wim Overgaauw (guitars)
Zbigniew Seifert (violin)
John Lee (bass)
Gerry Brown (drums)

Chris Hinze
Emile Elsen
The Dureco Studio, Weesp, Holland
BAX (Jasper van't Hof)
Viber Snake (Jasper van't Hof)
Eyeball I (Jasper van't Hof)
Hyrax (John Lee)
Schwester Johanna (Jasper van't Hof)
Laur (John Lee)
One Leg Missing (Jasper van't Hof)
Eyeball II (Jasper van't Hof)
The Rev (John Lee)