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Philip Catherine
Meeting colours (with Bert Joris and Brussels Jazz Orchestra)


Philip Catherine in 2005 big band setting. Bert Joris on trumpet and flugelhorn.

Liner notes by Adriano Pateri:
The music on this record is absolutely outstanding, both in terms of artistic contents and in superior form of presentation: within the framework of Bert Joris' beautiful big band arrangements. As for many new compositions included in this album, they represent Philip's most recent and successful attempt to develop a new thematic composition language, without sacrificing his well established and very personal form of musical expression both in writing and on the guitar.

Each new piece has a peculiar and strong musical personality. "On the ground", the very nice melody line framed by the lush voicings of the arrangement, is beautiful played by the Brussels Jazz Orchestra. It includes a quite interesting "tutti part" as well. "Pink circus", a soft and captivating tune with its beautiful and poignant melody, seems to express sorrow and also joy, both so typical of circus people. "Happy tears" will, I am sure, capture the listener with another impressive "tutti part" played with supreme mastery by the band and Philip. The program includes, in addition, some hard driving swingers like "Piano groove" and "Francis' delight" (the latter being an already recorded tribute to the Head of Philip's record company), as well as the beautiful "Letter from my Mother", written by Philip in loving memory of his mother. Both "December 26" and the famous "Dance for Victor" are presented in "Rubato" and "In tempo" versions. "The hostage" is another piece of art expressing the alternate feelings of events in a devastating experience that takes place so often nowadays. I am sure that all real music lovers will be taken by the magic of the entire program, including a delightful and serene guitar rendition of "In a sentimental mood", based on a former arrangement chart by Bert Joris. "Yellow landscape" has a relaxed, almost bucolic atmosphere. These older compositions are revitalized in a new and fresh big band format that the listener will enjoy.

Philip's music comes from the core of his singing guitar, and from the bottom of his heart. The solos are lyrical, full of passion, and always swinging. His comping s groovy and appropriate in every situation. His ideas are presented with impeccable logic and with a sense of composition that seems to merge ideally with the swinging multi-part harmonies of the arrangements. I heard that Chet Baker once said to Philip: "Whenever you play, for sure people will recognize that it's you on the guitar". On this album, Philip's guitar seems to sing even more and better with Bert Joris arrangements and the BJO's outstanding performance.

Bert Joris' contribution is invaluable, not only as a master soloist on trumpet and flugelhorn, but mainly as a higly skilled and imaginative arranger and also as a producer.

The Brussels Jazz Orchestra's sound and performance are impeccable and always great and it is incredible how each arrangement, with the perfectly balanced dynamics of this great big band, enhances the beautiful melodies of the compositions. No wonder that this band is rated so high in today's Down Beat polls. I am sure that it won't take the listener long to love and enjoy this record.

Dreyfus Jazz & VRT/Klara
CD album
Release No.
FDM 36675-2
Philip Catherine
Bert Joris
Brussels Jazz Orchestra
Frank Vaganée
Dieter Limbourg
Kurt Van Herck
Bart Defoort
Bo Van Der Werf
Serge Plume
Nico Schepers
Pierre Drevet
Gino Lattuca
Marc Godfroid
Lode Mertens
Ben Fleerakkers
Laufrent Hendrick
Jos Machtel
Joost Van Schaik

Bert Joris
Walter De Niel
VRT (Flemish Radio and Television) Studio, Brussels
On the ground
Pink Circus
Happy tears
Letter from my mother
Piano groove
December 26th (rubato)
December 26th (in tempo)
The hostage
In a sentimental mood
Francis' delight
Yellow landscape
Dance for Victor (rubato)
Dance for Victor (in tempo)