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Focus;In and out of Focus;Vinyl LP;n/a;n/a;TD-1276;Other;
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Focus;Focus 3;CD album;1988;EMI;CDM 7 48861 2;Holland;
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Focus;Focus 3;Vinyl LP;2009;Music on Vinyl / Red Bullet;MOVLP022 / RB 33189;Holland;Gatefold Double
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Focus;At the Rainbow;Vinyl LP;1973;Polydor;2383 229;Germany;Gatefold
Focus;At the Rainbow;Vinyl LP;1973;Polydor;2442 118 DELUXE;USA;Gatefold
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Focus;Barca de los Recuerdos ( Ship of memories) ;Vinyl LP;1978;EMI;8379;Other;
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Focus;Focus 8;CD album;2002;Musea;FGBG 4472.AR;;
Focus;Live in America;CD album;2003;Classic Rock;CRL 1090;Germany;
Focus;Live at the BBC;CD album;2004;Hux;Hux051;UK;
Focus;Live in Southamerica;CD album;2004;Sol & Deneb Records;CDSD 15;Other;
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Focus;Live in Europe;CD album;2009;n/a;n/a;;
Focus;Focus X;CD album;2012;Avalon;MICP-30036;Japan;
Focus;Focus X;CD album;2012;4W Eastworld;EW0122CDLTD;UK;Signed
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Focus;Focus 11;CD album;2018;In And Out Of Focus Records;IF-009-CD;Other;
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Focus;Rock sensation;Vinyl LP;1977;Polydor;2310526;Other;
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Focus;Grandes Exitos;Vinyl LP;1983;EMI;6531;Other;
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Focus;Masters from the vaults;CD album;2003;Classic Rock Productions;CRP1112;;
Focus;Focus con Proby / Oil in the family;CD album;2004;2000 Fruitgum;FCCD 02047881;Other;
Focus;Focus 3 / Focus 8 / Profile (Jan Akkerman);CD album;2004;2000 Fruitgum;FCCD 02047272/0272;Other;Double
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Focus;Moving waves / Jan Akkerman;CD album;2004;2000 Fruitgum;FCCD 02047177;Other;
Focus;The Golden Years of Dutch Pop Music . A&B Sides and more;CD album;2015;Universal Music;475 603-5;;Double
Focus;Singles, Deep Cuts & BBC Live;Vinyl LP;2021;Red Bullet / Music on Vinyl;MOVLP2841;;Gatefold Double
Focus;Focus;Cassette;n/a;Polydor;3192 211;UK;
Focus;Focus;Vinyl LP;n/a;Polydor ;2384 070;UK;
Focus;House of the king;Vinyl LP;n/a;EMI;1A 028-25130;Holland;
Focus;Moving waves;Vinyl LP;n/a;Imperial;5N 180-52636/37;Holland;Gatefold Double
Focus;The story of Focus;Vinyl LP;n/a;Polydor;2664371;Germany;Gatefold Double
Focus;Focus in concert 1973 (bootleg);CD album;2013;On The Air;AIR 5;France;Bootleg
Focus;BBC TV 1974 (bootleg);CD album;n/a;;;;Bootleg CDR or DVDR copy
Focus;Sylvia (bootleg);CD album;n/a;Dynamite Studio;DS94FO65;Other;Bootleg
Focus;Cambridge Junction (bootleg);CD album;2004;Blue Cafe;n/a;;Bootleg Double
Focus;8 1/2 - Old Skin (un-official EP);CD album;2006;n/a;n/a;Other;Bootleg CDR or DVDR copy
Focus;At the Koseinenkin (bootleg);CD album;n/a;Privat master;PM 003/004;;Bootleg Double
Focus;Why dream / Happy nightmare;Vinyl single;1970;Imperial;5C 006-24220;Holland;Picture sleeve
Focus;House of the king / Focus;Vinyl single;1970;Imperial;5C 006-24250;Holland;Picture sleeve
Focus;House of the king;Vinyl single;1970;Sire;SI 352;;Promo
Focus;House of the king;Vinyl single;1971;Sire;SG 261;France;Picture sleeve
Focus;House of the king / Black Beauty ;Vinyl single;1971;Sire;SG 261;France;
Focus;House of the king / Black Beauty;Vinyl single;1971;Polydor / Sire;2001134;Germany;Picture sleeve
Focus;House of the king / Focus;Vinyl single;1973;Golde Hitparade;79.785;Belgium;Picture sleeve
Focus;House of the king / Black beauty;Vinyl single;n/a;Pink Elephant;PE 22.542Y 60;Holland;Picture sleeve
Focus;Hocus Pocus;Vinyl single;1971;Sire;SG 317;France;Picture sleeve
Focus;Hocus Pocus;Vinyl single;1971;Polydor;2001 211;Germany;With sound or video Picture sleeve
Focus;Hocus Pocus / Janis;Vinyl single;1971;Imperial;5C 006-24 415;Holland;Picture sleeve
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Focus;Hocus Pocus;Vinyl single;1973;Sire;SAA-704;USA;Promo
Focus;Hocus Pocus / Sylvia;Vinyl single;1973;Imperial;4 C 006-24697;Belgium;Picture sleeve
Focus;Hocus Pocus / Sylvia;Vinyl single;1973;Imperial;5C006-24 697;Holland;Picture sleeve
Focus;Hocus Pocus / Sylvia;Vinyl single;1985;EMI;G45 39;Holland;Picture sleeve
Focus;Tommy / Focus 2;Vinyl single;1972;Imperial;5C 006-24629;Holland;With sound or video Picture sleeve
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Focus;Sylvia;Vinyl single;1972;Polydor;2001 349;Germany;With sound or video Picture sleeve
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Focus;Sylvia / Hocus Pocus;Vinyl single;1973;EMI;1A 006-26768;Holland;Picture sleeve
Focus;House of the king / Elspeth of Nottingham;Vinyl single;1973;Polydor;2001 458;Other;Picture sleeve
Focus;Sylvia / Hocus Pocus;Vinyl single;1973;Polydor;2001 427;Other;Picture sleeve
Focus;Harem Scarem / Early Birth;Vinyl single;1974;Polydor;2058 466;Germany;With sound or video Picture sleeve
Focus;Harem Scarem;Vinyl single;1974;Atco;45 - 7002;USA;
Focus;Harem Scarem / Early Birth;Vinyl single;1974;Polydor;2058 466;Other;Picture sleeve
Focus;Harem Scaren / Early Birth (Early Bird);Vinyl single;1974;Polydor;2058 466;;Picture sleeve
Focus;Harem Scarem / Early Birth;Vinyl single;n/a;Polydor;DP 1937;Japan;Picture sleeve
Focus;Mother Focus / I need a bathroom;Vinyl single;1975;Polydor;DP 1980;Japan;Picture sleeve
Focus;House of the king / O Avondrood;Vinyl single;1976;Polydor;2001 640;UK;
Focus;Glider (Planeador);Vinyl single;1977;Reflejo;C006-25721;Other;Promo Picture sleeve
Focus;Beethoven's revenge;Vinyl single;1985;Vertigo;880 827-7;Holland;Picture sleeve
Focus;Hocus Pocus (US version);CD single;2001;Red Bullet;RB 8.489;;Picture sleeve
Focus;Live at the Rainbow;DVD;n/a;;;;Picture sleeve CDR or DVDR copy
Focus;Masters from the vaults;DVD;2001;Intense;INT1026 PAL;Germany;Picture sleeve
Focus;Live at the Medley Club;DVD;2002;n/a;n/a;;CDR or DVDR copy
Focus;Focus Live in America;DVD;2003;Classic Rock Legends Ltd.;CRP 1080 NTSC;UK;Picture sleeve
Focus;Focus the anthology;DVD;2004;Classic Rock Legends ltd.;CRL1571 NTSC;;Picture sleeve
Focus;The ultimate collection;DVD;2005;American Legends Ltd.;HIT1982;;Triple Box
Focus;Live in England;DVD;2009;QEDG;n/a;UK;
Focus;Official UK tour programme;Books and magazines;1973;;;UK;File for download
Focus;Official UK tour programme;Books and magazines;1974;;;UK;File for download
Focus;Official UK tour programme;Books and magazines;1976;n/a;n/a;;File for download
Focus;Pep: Focus poster and biography;Books and magazines;1972;Pep;No 5 - 1972;Holland;File for download
Focus;Veronica: Focus report;Books and magazines;1972;Veronica;192, 26-02-1972;Holland;File for download
Focus;Circus: Focus report;Books and magazines;1974;Circus;;UK;File for download
Focus;Rock Society: Focus article;Paperclip;2003;Classic Rock Society;;UK;File for download
Focus;Record Collector Magazine: Focus article;Paperclip;n/a;Record Collector Magazine;;;File for download
Focus;Hamburger Concerto;Photo;1974;;;;
Focus;Bert Ruiter and Jan Akkerman;Photo;n/a;;;;
Focus;Promo photo;Photo;n/a;;;;
Focus;Guitar method in the style of Focus;Other;n/a;n/a;n/a;;
Jan Akkerman;Talent for sale;Vinyl LP;1968;Imperial;SALI 8012;Holland;
Jan Akkerman;Guitar for sale;Vinyl LP;1973;Emidisc;048-51105;Holland;
Jan Akkerman;Profile;Cassette;1972;EMI;TC-SHSP 4026;Holland;
Jan Akkerman;Profile;Vinyl LP;1972;Harvest - EMI;SHSP 4026;UK;
Jan Akkerman;Profile;Vinyl LP;1972;Sire SAS;SAS 7407;USA;
Jan Akkerman;Profile;Vinyl LP;1972;Sire SAS;SAS 7407;USA;Promo
Jan Akkerman;Perfil;Vinyl LP;1972;EMI;8175;Other;
Jan Akkerman;Profile;CD album;2000;BGO Records;BGOCD490;UK;
Jan Akkerman;Tabernakel;8 track tape;1974;Atlantic;K840522;;
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Jan Akkerman;Tabernakel;CD album;1993;Atlantic;AMCY-597;Japan;
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Jan Akkerman;Golden highlights;Vinyl LP;n/a;CBS;54730;Holland;
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Jan Akkerman;Live - test pressing;Vinyl LP;1978;Presswell records;SD 19241;;
Jan Akkerman;Live;Vinyl LP;1978;Atlantic;ATLN 50 560;Holland;
Jan Akkerman;Live;Vinyl LP;1978;Atlantlic;ATL 50 560;Germany;
Jan Akkerman;Live;Vinyl LP;1978;Atlantic;ATLN 50560;Holland;
Jan Akkerman;Live;CD album;1996;Pseudonym;CDP-1034-DD;;
Jan Akkerman;Jan Akkerman 3;Vinyl LP;1979;Atlantic;ATLN 50 664;Holland;
Jan Akkerman;Jan Akkerman 3;Vinyl LP;1979;Atlantic;ATL 50 664;Germany;
Jan Akkerman;Jan Akkerman 3;CD album;2009;Superior;SU 29034;Other;Signed
Jan Akkerman;Live (with Joachim Kühn);CD album;n/a;Inak;inak 868 CD;Japan;
Jan Akkerman;Transparental (with Kaz Lux);Vinyl LP;1980;Polydor;2417141;Germany;
Jan Akkerman;Oil in the family;Vinyl LP;1981;CNR;655.137;;
Jan Akkerman;Oil in the family;CD album;1998;Red Bullet;RB.66.140;Holland;
Jan Akkerman;It could happen to you;Vinyl LP;1985;Charlie Records;CR30246;UK;
Jan Akkerman;It could happen to you;Vinyl LP;1988;Tonpress;SX-T91;Other;
Jan Akkerman;Pleasure point;Vinyl LP;1982;WEA;WEA 58 441;Germany;
Jan Akkerman;Pleasure point;CD album;1987;Decal / Charly;CD CHARLY 90;France;
Jan Akkerman;Pleasure point;CD album;1998;Hux Records;HUX011;UK;
Jan Akkerman;Can't stand noise;Cassette;1983;CBS;CBS 40-25794;;
Jan Akkerman;Can't stand noise;Cassette;1986;Charly records;TC CR 30250;UK;
Jan Akkerman;Can't stand noise;Vinyl LP;1983;CBS;CBS 25794;Holland;
Jan Akkerman;Can't stand noise;Vinyl LP;1986;Charly records;CR 30250;UK;
Jan Akkerman;Can't stand noise;CD album;1994;INAK;INAK 11001 CD;Germany;
Jan Akkerman;From the basement;Vinyl LP;1984;CBS;CBS 26094;Holland;
Jan Akkerman;From the basement;CD album;1998;HUX;HUX012;UK;
Jan Akkerman;The Complete Guitarist;CD album;1986;Charly Records;Charly 17;France;
Jan Akkerman;Heartware;CD album;1987;Sky Dancer;JA CD 007;Germany;
Jan Akkerman;Heartware;Vinyl LP;1987;Sky Dancer;JA LP 007;Holland;
Jan Akkerman;Heartware;CD album;1987;Sky Dancer;JA CD 008;Holland;
Jan Akkerman;Heartware;CD album;1998;Pseudonym;CDP-1057-DD;Holland;
Jan Akkerman;The noise of art;Cassette;1990;I.R.S.;IRSC-82041;USA;
Jan Akkerman;The noise of art;CD album;1990;I.R.S.;24 1057 2;Holland;
Jan Akkerman;The noise of art;CD album;1990;I.R.S.;IRSD-82041;USA;Box
Jan Akkerman;Puccini's Cafe;CD album;1993;EMI;0777 7 89192 2 3;Holland;
Jan Akkerman;Blues Hearts;CD album;1994;EMI;7243 B 310 91 2 8;Holland;
Jan Akkerman;Focus in time;CD album;1996;Avalon;MICY-1042;Japan;
Jan Akkerman;Focus in time;CD album;1996;Patio Music;P.M. 96500;Holland;
Jan Akkerman;10.000 clowns on a rainy day - Jan Akkerman live;CD album;1997;Patio Music;P.M. 97002;;Double
Jan Akkerman;Live at the Priory;CD album;1998;akkerNET;AKKER001;UK;
Jan Akkerman;Blues Root (with Curtis Knight);CD album;1999;Universe;UPCD 98136;;
Jan Akkerman;Live at Alexanders UK Tour 1999;CD album;1999;akkerNET;AKKER002;UK;
Jan Akkerman;Passion;CD album;1999;Roadrunner;RR 8577-2;;
Jan Akkerman;I'm in the mood;CD album;2003;n/a;LMM-8;;
Jan Akkerman;C.U.;CD album;2003;Coast to Coast;CTC-2990448;Holland;
Jan Akkerman;C.U. Japan Edition 2007;CD album;2006;&Forest / Live Music Management BV;NN&R-0004;Japan;
Jan Akkerman;C.U.2 - Live in Tokyo at STB139;CD album;2006;&Forest / Live Music Management BV;NN&R-0003;Japan;
Jan Akkerman;Fromage a trois;CD album;2006;Akkerweb;LMM-9;;
Jan Akkerman;Live in concert 2007;CD album;2007;Live Music Management;LMM-10;Holland;Signed
Jan Akkerman;Live in concert - The Hague 2007;Vinyl LP;2008;Superior;SU 29201;Holland;
Jan Akkerman;Live in concert - The Hague 2007;Vinyl LP;2008;Superior;SU 29201;Holland;Signed
Jan Akkerman;Minor details;CD album;2011;Digimode Entertainment Ltd.;SU 29044;Other;Signed
Jan Akkerman;A phenomenon;Vinyl LP;1979;Bovema Negram - EMI;5N 050-26189;Holland;
Jan Akkerman;The best of Jan Akkerman and friends;Vinyl LP;1980;Atlantic;ATLN-50.740;Holland;
Jan Akkerman;The best of Jan Akkerman and friends;Cassette;1980;Atlantic;450 740;Germany;
Jan Akkerman;A talent's profile;CD album;1988;EMI;CDP 7 90630 2;Holland;
Jan Akkerman;A talent's profile;CD album;1996;EMI Gold;0777 7 90630 2 4;Holland;
Jan Akkerman;Jan Akkerman 50;CD album;1996;n/a;n/a;Holland;
Jan Akkerman;The guitarplayer;CD album;1996;Charly / Digimode ;RM 1507;France;
Jan Akkerman;Eli (with Kaz Lux) & Aranjues (with Claus Ogerman);CD album;2004;2000 Fruitgum;FCCD 02047878;Other;
Jan Akkerman;A real elegant gypsy;CD album;2005;Brook;Brook 1041;Germany;Box
Jan Akkerman;Jan Akkerman Collection;CD album;2007;Strange Days Records;POCE 1114 / POCE 1115 / POCE 1116 ;Japan;Promo Triple Box
Jan Akkerman;The Golden Years of Dutch Pop Music;CD album;2017;Universal Music;573 717-8;Holland;Double
Jan Akkerman;1;CD album;n/a;;;;Bootleg CDR or DVDR copy
Jan Akkerman;2;CD album;n/a;;;;Bootleg CDR or DVDR copy
Jan Akkerman;3;CD album;n/a;;;;Bootleg CDR or DVDR copy
Jan Akkerman;4;CD album;n/a;;;;Bootleg CDR or DVDR copy
Jan Akkerman;Blue boy;Vinyl single;1972;EMI Harvest;HAR 5069;UK;
Jan Akkerman;Blue boy;Vinyl single;1973;EMI Harvest;5C 006-24826;Holland;Picture sleeve
Jan Akkerman;House of the king;Vinyl single;1973;Atlantic;10 427;Other;Picture sleeve
Jan Akkerman;House of the king;Vinyl single;1973;Atlantic;10 427;Other;Picture sleeve
Jan Akkerman;House of the king;Vinyl single;1974;Atlantic;ATL 10427;Germany;Picture sleeve
Jan Akkerman;House of the king;Vinyl single;1974;Atlantic;ATL 10427;Germany;Promo Picture sleeve
Jan Akkerman;There he still goes (With Kaz Lux);Vinyl single;1976;Atlantic;76509;Other;Picture sleeve
Jan Akkerman;Crackers;Vinyl single;1977;Atlantic;ATLN 11014;Holland;With sound or video Picture sleeve
Jan Akkerman;Crackers;Vinyl single;1977;Atlantic;3487;USA;Promo Picture sleeve
Jan Akkerman;A child's fantasy / Skydancer;Vinyl single;1978;Atlantic;ATLN 11290;Holland;Picture sleeve
Jan Akkerman;Crackers;Vinyl single;1978;Atlantic;K 11131;;
Jan Akkerman;She's so devine (She's so divine);Vinyl single;1979;Atlantic;K 11374;;
Jan Akkerman;She's so divine;Vinyl single;1979;Atlantic;11.374;Holland;Picture sleeve
Jan Akkerman;A family in the oil;Vinyl maxi single;1981;CNR;151.054;;
Jan Akkerman;No doubt about it;Vinyl single;1981;CNR;141.823;Holland;Picture sleeve
Jan Akkerman;Oil in the family (Fuel);Vinyl single;1981;CNR;141.795;Holland;With sound or video Picture sleeve
Jan Akkerman;Pietons;Vinyl single;1983;CBS;PRO 328;Holland;Promo Picture sleeve
Jan Akkerman;Pietons;Vinyl single;1984;CBS;A4285;Holland;Picture sleeve
Jan Akkerman;Wallenberg / Dark Rose;Vinyl single;1984;CBS;PRO 346;Holland;Picture sleeve
Jan Akkerman;Runaway / A salty dog (with Kaz Lux);Vinyl single;1987;Sky Dancer;SR 8707101;Holland;Picture sleeve
Jan Akkerman;Prima Donna;CD single;1990;I.R.S.;24 1065 2;Holland;Picture sleeve
Jan Akkerman;Prima Donna;Vinyl single;1990;I.R.S;24 1065 7;;Picture sleeve
Jan Akkerman;Shame on you;Vinyl single;1990;I.R.S. No speak;20 4081 7;Holland;Picture sleeve
Jan Akkerman;Trojan horse;Vinyl single;1990;I.R.S.Electrola;1C 006-20 41327;;Picture sleeve
Jan Akkerman;Am I losing you / Wildflower;CD single;1996;Patio music;P.M. 96510;Holland;Picture sleeve
Jan Akkerman;Jazzah!;CD single;2000;Akkernet;PROMO CDS-002;;Promo
Jan Akkerman;Live;DVD;2003;Alpha Centauri;ACE 11065 F;Germany;With sound or video Picture sleeve
Jan Akkerman;A touch of class;DVD;2006;Voiceprint;VPDVD17;UK;With sound or video
Jan Akkerman;A touch of class;DVD;2011;Gonzo;HST072DVD;UK;
Jan Akkerman;Live in concert - The Hague 2007;DVD;2008;Alphacentaur;ACE 11129;Other;Double Box
Jan Akkerman;Molde Jazz Festival 1976 and Vossajazz 1981;DVD;n/a;NRK;;Other;CDR or DVDR copy
Jan Akkerman;Akkerman i Flimrasenga;VHS;n/a;NRK;;Other;
Jan Akkerman;Ticket;Other;1998;;;UK;
Jan Akkerman;Ticket;Other;1999;;;UK;
Jan Akkerman;Ticket;Other;2002;;;UK;
Jan Akkerman;Ticket;Other;2006;;;UK;
Jan Akkerman;Ticket;Other;2007;;;UK;
Jan Akkerman;Ticket;Other;2007;;;UK;
Jan Akkerman;Offical tour programme (with Kaz Lux);Books and magazines;1977;;;;File for download
Jan Akkerman;Veronica: Jan Akkerman interview;Books and magazines;1973;Veronica;538, 21-11-1973;Holland;File for download
Jan Akkerman;Guitar Player: Jan Akkerman interview;Books and magazines;1975;Guitar Player;May 1975;USA;File for download
Jan Akkerman;Guitarist: Exclusive Jan Akkerman interview;Books and magazines;1986;Guitarist;2-10;;File for download
Jan Akkerman;Penthouse: Jan Akkerman interview;Books and magazines;1990;Penthouse;;Holland;File for download
Jan Akkerman;Wondrous Stories: Jan Akkerman interview;Books and magazines;2001;Wondrous stories;115 - August 2001;UK;File for download
Jan Akkerman;Penthouse: Jan Akkerman interview;Books and magazines;2002;Penthouse;;Holland;File for download
Jan Akkerman;In & Out of Focus - The music of Jan Akkerman and Focus;Books and magazines;2002;Saf publishing;ISBN: 0 946719 44 6;UK;
Jan Akkerman;Melody Maker advert;Paperclip;1973;Melody Maker;;UK;
Jan Akkerman;Rolling Stone advert;Paperclip;1973;Rolling Stone;;USA;
Jan Akkerman;Melody Maker "Any questions?" column;Paperclip;1973;Melody Maker;;UK;
Jan Akkerman;Interview;Paperclip;1973;Muziekkrant Oor;;Holland;File for download
Jan Akkerman;Melody Maker advert;Paperclip;1974;Melody Maker;;UK;
Jan Akkerman;Rolling Stone advert;Paperclip;1974;Rolling Stone;;USA;
Jan Akkerman;Melody Maker advert;Paperclip;1977;Melody Maker;;UK;
Jan Akkerman;Signed paperclip;Paperclip;n/a;;;;Signed
Jan Akkerman;Review;Paperclip;n/a;;;;
Jan Akkerman;Review;Paperclip;n/a;;;;
Jan Akkerman;Review;Paperclip;n/a;;;;
Jan Akkerman;Review;Paperclip;n/a;;;;
Jan Akkerman;Review;Paperclip;n/a;;;;
Jan Akkerman;From the basement;Photo;1984;;;;
Jan Akkerman;Passion;Photo;1999;;;;
Jan Akkerman;C.U.;Photo;2003;;;;
Jan Akkerman;Profile promotion poster ;Poster;1973;;;;
Jan Akkerman;Jan Akkerman promotion poster;Poster;1977;;;USA;
Jan Akkerman;German concert poster (with Joackim Kühn) ;Poster;1979;;;Germany;
Jan Akkerman;Tour poster;Poster;n/a;;;;
Jan Akkerman;Jan Akkerman charcoal drawing;Other;1989;;;Other;
Jan Akkerman;Framus advert;Other;1973;;;;
Jan Akkerman;Framus postcard;Other;1973;;;;
Jan Akkerman;The Guitar Album Cigarette Cards;Other;1973;Polydor;;UK;
Jan Akkerman;Domain name:;Other;1996;akkernet;;Other;
Jan Akkerman;C.U. press kit;Other;2004;;;Holland;
Jan Akkerman;Framus Earrings;Other;n/a;;;;
Jan Akkerman;Framus Mousepad;Other;n/a;;;;
Jan Akkerman;Match box mark;Other;;;;Holland;
Jan Akkerman;Jan Akkerman promotion pick;Other;n/a;Atlantic;;;
Jan Akkerman;Guitar string paper bag;Other;n/a;;;;
Thijs van Leer;Introspection - Quadraphonic;8 track tape;1972;CBS;CAQ 32346;USA;Picture sleeve
Thijs van Leer;Introspection;Vinyl LP;1972;CBS;S64589;Holland;
Thijs van Leer;Introspection - Quadraphonic;Vinyl LP;1972;CBS;Q 64589;Holland;
Thijs van Leer;Introspection;Vinyl LP;1973;CBS Columbia;KC 32346;USA;
Thijs van Leer;Introspection;CD album;1985;CBS;CDCBS 26606;Holland;
Thijs van Leer;Introspection 2;Vinyl LP;1975;CBS;65915;Holland;
Thijs van Leer;Introspection 2, test pressing;Vinyl LP;1975;n/a;n/a;;
Thijs van Leer;O my love;Vinyl LP;1975;Philips;6303 143;Holland;Signed Gatefold
Thijs van Leer;Musica per la Notte di Natale;Vinyl LP;1976;CBS;69239;Holland;Signed Gatefold
Thijs van Leer;Introspection 3;Vinyl LP;1977;CBS;86034;Holland;
Thijs van Leer;Nice to have met you;Vinyl LP;1978;CBS;86059;Holland;
Thijs van Leer;Nice to have met you;Vinyl LP;1978;Columbia;JC 35345;USA;Promo
Thijs van Leer;In de Grote Kerk te Monnickendam (with Elly Ameling);Vinyl LP;1979;CBS;84009;Holland;
Thijs van Leer;Introspection IV;Vinyl LP;1979;CBS;83669;Holland;
Thijs van Leer;Pedal Point: Dona Nobis Pacem;CD album;1990;CBS;467662 2;;
Thijs van Leer;Reflections;Vinyl LP;1981;CBS;85052;Holland;
Thijs van Leer;Renaissance;Vinyl LP;1986;WEA;242 059-1;Germany;
Thijs van Leer;I hate myself (for loving you);CD album;1987;Ariola;258 846;;
Thijs van Leer;Introspection 92;CD album;1992;Columbia;COL 472295 2;Other;
Thijs van Leer;Musical melody;CD album;1994;Mega Sound;290220;;
Thijs van Leer;Joy to the World;CD album;1996;Mega Sound / Roman Disc / MCPS;27 07 101;;
Thijs van Leer;Bach for a new age;CD album;1999;Point;6072;;
Thijs van Leer;The glorious album;CD album;1999;Miller Music;Artistique 6303;;
Thijs van Leer;The home concert;CD album;2008;Explore Mulltimedia;ExM002;UK;
Thijs van Leer;Introspection 1 & 2;Vinyl LP;1977;CBS;88243;Holland;Gatefold Double
Thijs van Leer;Introspection Album I & II;Vinyl LP;1977;CBS;88243;Holland;Gatefold Double
Thijs van Leer;Collage;Vinyl LP;1980;CBS;84401;Holland;
Thijs van Leer;Collage;Vinyl LP;1980;CBS;84771;Holland;
Thijs van Leer;Pavane - A Romantic Flute Concerto;Vinyl LP;1982;CBS;85536;Holland;
Thijs van Leer;Bolero;CD album;1988;CBS Memory Pop Shop;CBS 462650 2;Holland;
Thijs van Leer;Introspection Collection;CD album;1998;CBS;17.461064.10;Holland;Double
Thijs van Leer;The best of;CD album;2004;Sony;515484 2;;
Thijs van Leer;Zolang de Wereld Nog Draait;Vinyl single;1968;Philips;JF 334 627;Holland;Picture sleeve
Thijs van Leer;Oh! Calcutta!;Vinyl single;1971;Ariola;10 253 AT;Holland;Picture sleeve
Thijs van Leer;Rondo / Siciliana;Vinyl single;1972;CBS;S CBS 1024;Holland;Promo
Thijs van Leer;Rondo / Siciliana;Vinyl single;1972;CBS;CBS 1024;Holland;Picture sleeve
Thijs van Leer;Rondo / Siciliana;Vinyl single;1973;CBS;CBS 1024;Other;Picture sleeve
Thijs van Leer;Pavane / Coventry Carol;Vinyl single;1977;CBS;CBS 5804;UK;Promo
Thijs van Leer;Plays Ravel's Bolero love theme from "10";Vinyl single;1980;CBS;8399;Holland;Picture sleeve
Thijs van Leer;Plays Ravel's Bolero love theme from "10";Vinyl maxi single;1980;CBS;12.8399;Holland;
Thijs van Leer;I hate myself (for loving you);Vinyl single;1988;Ariola;109 692;Holland;Picture sleeve
Thijs van Leer;Etudes Sans Gêne;DVD;2006;;H&S1;;Signed
Thijs van Leer;Melody Maker interview;Paperclip;1972;Melody Maker;;UK;
Thijs van Leer;Melody Maker advert;Paperclip;1972;Melody Maker;;UK;
Thijs van Leer;Interview;Paperclip;1972;Muziekkrant Oor;;Holland;
Thijs van Leer;Interview;Paperclip;1973;Muziekkrant Oor;;Holland;File for download
Thijs van Leer;Melody Maker advert;Paperclip;1973;Melody Maker;;UK;
Thijs van Leer;Rolling Stone advert;Paperclip;1973;Rolling Stone;;USA;
Thijs van Leer;Melody Maker advert ;Paperclip;1976;Melody Maker;;;
Thijs van Leer;Introspection promotion poster;Poster;1975;;;;
Thijs van Leer;Nice to have met you promotion poster;Poster;1978;;;;
Thijs van Leer;Dona Nobis Pacem consert poster;Poster;1981;;;;
Thijs van Leer;Introspection Gold Record;Other;1973;CBS;S 64589;Holland;
Thijs van Leer;Signed sheet music;Other;2007;;;;Signed
Thijs van Leer;Match box mark ;Other;;;;Holland;
Philip Catherine;September man;Vinyl LP;1975;Atlantic;ATL 40562-B;Germany;
Philip Catherine;Guitars;Vinyl LP;1975;Atlantic;ATL 50 193 Y;France;Signed
Philip Catherine;Nairam;Vinyl LP;1976;Warner Bros.;BS 2950;USA;
Philip Catherine;Twin-House (with Larry Coryell);Vinyl LP;1977;Atlantic;ATL 50 342;Germany;
Philip Catherine;Twin House (with Larry Coryell);CD album;1992;ACT;9202-2;Germany;
Philip Catherine;Splendid (with Larry Coryell);Vinyl LP;1978;Elektra;6E-153;USA;
Philip Catherine;Sleep my love (with Charlie Mariano & Jasper van't Hof);CD album;1979;CMP Records;CD 5;Germany;
Philip Catherine;Babel;Vinyl LP;1980;Elektra;ELK 52 244;Germany;
Philip Catherine;Catherine Escoude Lockwood Trio;Vinyl LP;1983;JMS;JMS 031;France;
Philip Catherine;Transparence;CD album;1987;Inak;inak 8701 CD;Japan;
Philip Catherine;Transparence;Vinyl LP;1987;Timeless;SJP 242;Holland;
Philip Catherine;Spanish nights (with Niels-Henning Ørsted-Pedersen);CD album;1992;Enja Records;ENJ-7023 2;Germany;
Philip Catherine;I remember you;CD album;1991;Criss Cross Jazz;Criss 1048 CD;;
Philip Catherine;Moods Vol. 1;CD album;1992;Criss CrossJazz;Criss 1060 CD;;Other artists doing Focus-covers
Philip Catherine;Moods Vol. 2 ;CD album;1992;Criss CrossJazz;Criss 1061 CD;;
Philip Catherine;Art of the duo (with Niels-Henning Ørsted Pedersen);CD album;1993;Enja;Enja CD 8016-2;Other;
Philip Catherine;Guitar Groove;CD album;1998;Dreyfus;FDM 36599-2;Other;
Philip Catherine;Summer night;CD album;2002;Disques Dreyfus;FDM 36637-2;;
Philip Catherine;Meeting colours (with Bert Joris and Brussels Jazz Orchestra);CD album;2005;Dreyfus Jazz & VRT/Klara;FDM 36675-2;;
Bojoura;The beauty of Bojoura;Vinyl LP;1970;CBS;S 64199;Holland;
Bojoura;Jesus Christ Superstar - The best of Bojoura;Vinyl LP;1972;CBS;S 53025;Holland;
Bojoura;Frank Mills;Vinyl single;1969;Polydor;S 1302;Holland;Picture sleeve
Bojoura;Everything's alright;Vinyl single;1971;CBS;CBS 7008;France;Picture sleeve
Bojoura;Allentown Jail / Talking in your sleep;Vinyl single;1972;CBS;CBS 7745;Holland;Picture sleeve
Bojoura;Match box mark;Other;;;;Holland;
Brainbox;Brainbox;Vinyl LP;1969;Imperial;SC054.24082;Holland;
Brainbox;Brainbox;Vinyl LP;1976;EMI;5C 038-24082;Holland;
Brainbox;Brainbox;CD album;1996;Pseudonym;CDP 1033 DD;Holland;
Brainbox;To you;Vinyl LP;1972;Imperial;5C 180-24 568/69;Holland;Double
Brainbox;The very best album ever;CD album;2002;EMI;7243 5 39979 2 2;Holland;
Brainbox;The Golden Years of Dutch Pop Music . A&B Sides and more;CD album;2015;Universal Music;475 478-2;;Double
Brainbox;Down man / Woman's gone;Vinyl single;1969;Imperial;IH 844;Holland;
Brainbox;Down man / Woman's gone;Vinyl single;1969;EMI Columbia;C 006-24 035;Germany;Picture sleeve
Brainbox;Down man;Vinyl single;1969;Elektra;EKS-45673;USA;Promo With sound or video
Brainbox;Sea of delight;Vinyl single;1969;Columbia;C006-24027;Germany;Picture sleeve
Brainbox;Sea of delight;Vinyl single;1969;Imperial;5C 006-24027 M;Holland;Picture sleeve
Brainbox;Dark rose;Vinyl single;1969;EMI Pathé;C 006-24076;France;Picture sleeve
Brainbox;Between Alpha and Omega / Cruel Train;Vinyl single;1970;Imperial;5C 006-24217;Holland;Picture sleeve
Brainbox;To you;Vinyl single;1970;Imperial;5C 006-24135;Holland;Picture sleeve
Herman Brood;Herman Brood in Vitesse;Vinyl LP;1978;Reprise records;REPN 54058;Holland;
Herman Brood;Showbiz Blues;CD album;n/a;Universe productions;CDHOT 1-08/UPCD 87108;;
Herman Brood;Street;Vinyl LP;1977;Bubble records;28 711 XOT;Holland;Gatefold
Herman Brood;Cha Cha;Vinyl LP;1978;Ariola;200 230;Holland;
Herman Brood;Cha Cha;CD album;1987;RCA / Ariola;250.230;;
Herman Brood;Shpritsz;Vinyl LP;1978;Ariola;26122 XOT;Holland;With sound or video
Herman Brood;Shpritsz;Vinyl LP;1979;RCA Ariola;PL 40142;Other;
Herman Brood;Shpritsz;CD album;1987;RCA / Ariola;258.321;;
Herman Brood;Cha Cha;Vinyl LP;1979;CBS / Ariola;70181;Holland;
Herman Brood;Modern times revive;Vinyl LP;1981;Ariola;204.206;Holland;
Herman Brood;The Brood;CD album;1990;Bellaphon;288.07.073;Germany;
Herman Brood;Bühnensucht - Herman Brood live;CD album;1990;Bellaphon;288-07-079;Germany;
Herman Brood;Hooks;CD album;1989;CBS;463439 2;Other;
Herman Brood;Cha Cha;DVD;n/a;Blowpipe;BP005;Holland;
Herman Brood;Live and more;DVD;2003;WDR;500491;;
Cuby & the Blizzards;Desolation;Vinyl LP;1977;Philips;6440 309;Holland;
Cuby & the Blizzards;Appleknockers flophouse;Vinyl LP;1969;Philips;849 016 PY;Holland;Gatefold
Cuby & the Blizzards;Too blind to see;Vinyl LP;1977;Philips;6440 312;Holland;
Cuby & the Blizzards;Simple man;Vinyl LP;1977;Philips;6440 306;Holland;
Cuby & the Blizzards;Sometimes;Vinyl LP;1977;Philips;6440 311;Holland;
Candy Dulfer;Saxuality;CD album;1990;BMG Ariola;260.696;Germany;
Candy Dulfer;Sax-a-go-go;CD album;1993;BMG Ariola;74321 111812;Germany;With sound or video
Candy Dulfer;Live at Montreaux 2002;CD album;2005;Eagle records;ER 20076-2;USA;
Candy Dulfer;Live at Montreux 2002;DVD;2005;Eagle Rock Entertainment;EE 39096;;
Hans Dulfer;The morning after the third (Hans Dulfer and Ritmo Naturel featuring Jan Akkerman);Vinyl LP;1970;Catfish;5C054-24181;Holland;
Hans Dulfer;Dulfer Dulfer (with Candy Dulfer);CD album;2002;Eagle Records;EAGCD236;Germany;
Jan Dumée;O Septeto plus: Rodinha;CD album;1998;KeyTone;KYT CD 810;Germany;
Jan Dumée;Rio on the rocks;CD album;2005;Rock Symphony;RSLN 115;Other;
Earth and Fire;Song of the Marching Children;Vinyl LP;1971;Polydor;2925 003;Holland;Gatefold
Earth and Fire;Maybe tomorrow, maybe tonight;Vinyl LP;1977;Polydor;2310 262;Germany;
Earth and Fire;Reality fills fantasy;Vinyl LP;1980;Mariann;MILP 1310;Other;With sound or video
Earth and Fire;Andromeda girl;Vinyl LP;1981;Bluebird;BBL 1017;Other;
Earth and Fire;The ultimate collection;CD album;2003;Universal;038 336-2;Holland;Triple
Earth and Fire;The Golden Years of Dutch Pop Music . A&B Sides;CD album;2015;Universal Music;471 666-4;;Double
Earth and Fire;Memories;Vinyl single;1972;Polydor;2050 179;Germany;Picture sleeve
Ekseption;Ekseptional classics (The best of Ekseption);Vinyl LP;1973;Philips;6410 044;Other;With sound or video
Ekseption;Trinity;Vinyl LP;1973;Philips;6423 056A;Other;Gatefold
Ekseption;Bingo;Vinyl LP;1974;Philips;6413 501;Holland;
Ekseption;The 5th;CD album;1998;PolyMedia;824 482-2;Germany;
Forcefield;Forcefield II - The Talisman;CD album;1988;President;PCOM 1095;UK;
Forcefield;Forcefield three: To Oz and back;CD album;1989;President;PCOM 1100;UK;
Forcefield;Forcefield three: To Oz and back;Vinyl LP;1989;President;PTLS 1100;UK;
Forcefield;Instrumentals;CD album;1992;President;PCOM 1121;France;
Forcefield;Heartache / I lose again;Vinyl single;1988;President;PT 578;UK;Picture sleeve
Golden Earring;Eight miles hight;Vinyl LP;1969;Polydor;184 356;Germany;
Golden Earring;Switch;Vinyl LP;1975;MCA;MCA-2139;USA;
Golden Earring;To the hilt;Vinyl LP;1976;MCA;MCA-2183;USA;
Golden Earring;Live;Vinyl LP;1977;Polydor;2625 034;Holland;With sound or video Gatefold Double
Golden Earring;North East West South (N.E.W.S.);Vinyl LP;1984;21 Records;T1S-1-9005;Germany;
Cyril Havermans;Cyril;Vinyl LP;1973;MGM;SE-4926;USA;Promo Gatefold
Cyril Havermans;Cyril;Vinyl LP;1973;MGM;2315 261;Germany;
Cyril Havermans;Mind Wave;Vinyl LP;1974;MGM;2315 311;UK;
Cyril Havermans;Melody Maker advert;Paperclip;1973;Melody Maker;;UK;
Peter Herbolzheimer;I hear voices;Vinyl LP;1978;Polydor;2417 119;Germany;
Peter Herbolzheimer;Jazz Gala Concert vol. 1;CD album;1979;Rare Bird;CDBID 156501;Japan;
Peter Herbolzheimer;Jazz Gala Concert vol. 2;CD album;1979;Rare Bird;CDBID 156502;Japan;
Peter Herbolzheimer;Jazz Gala Concert vol. 3;CD album;1979;Rare Bird;CDBID 156503;Japan;
Peter Herbolzheimer;Bandfire;Vinyl LP;1981;Panda records;Panda 1;Germany;
Peter Herbolzheimer;Bigband Bebop;CD album;1984;Koala records;CDP 5;Japan;
Chris Hinze;Bamboo Magic (The Chris Hinze Combination);Vinyl LP;1978;Atlantic;SD 19185;USA;
Chris Hinze;Nazali (The Chris Hinze Combination);CD album;1986;Keytone;KYT 747 CD;;
Chris Hinze;The best of Chris Hinze;Vinyl LP;1973;CBS;S 65549;Holland;
Hunters;Bury me beneath the willow;Vinyl single;1965;RCA Victor;47-9599;Holland;Picture sleeve
Hunters;Janosh;Vinyl single;1966;RCA Victor;47-9657;;Picture sleeve
Hunters;Russian spy and I;Vinyl single;1966;RCA Victor;47-9656;;With sound or video Picture sleeve
Hunters;I'm the king;Vinyl single;1967;RCA Victor;47-9751;;Picture sleeve
Hunters;Lost money;Vinyl single;1968;Imperial;IH 818;Holland;Picture sleeve
Hunters;Strange things appear / Blues in G;Vinyl single;1968;Imperial;IH 791;Holland;Picture sleeve
Hunters;Maxi-Singel;Vinyl EP;1972;RCA;74-16146;Holland;Picture sleeve
Hunters;A tribute to Johnny & his Cellar Rockers;Vinyl EP;1984;Rocker;1961.3307;Other;Picture sleeve
Hunters;Hunters photo;Photo;n/a;;;Holland;
Johnny & his Cellar Rockers;The Complete Collection 61-68;CD album;2005;Hunter Records;HMR 15952;Holland;With sound or video Double Box
Johnny & his Cellar Rockers;Melody in F-rock / Exodus;Vinyl single;1961;Fontana;266 273 TF;Germany;
Johnny & his Cellar Rockers;Close your eyes;Vinyl single;1963;Decca;AT 10 049;Holland;Picture sleeve
Johnny & his Cellar Rockers;I love you, yes I do;Vinyl single;1964;Decca;DL 25 174;Germany;
Joachim Kühn;Springfever;Vinyl LP;1976;Atlantic;ATL 50 280;Germany;
Joachim Kühn;Charisma;Vinyl LP;1977;Atlantic;ATL 50 352;Germany;
Joachim Kühn;Sunshower (featuring Jan Akkerman & Ray Gomez);Vinyl LP;1978;Atlantic;ATL50472;Germany;
Joachim Kühn;Sunshower (featuring Jan Akkerman & Ray Gomez);CD album;2008;Wounded Bird Records;WOU 9193;USA;
Joachim Kühn;Nightline New York;Vinyl LP;1981;Francis, Day & Hunter;SMP 2113;Germany;
Joachim Kühn;Distance;CD album;1984;CMP Records;CD 26;Germany;
Joachim Kühn;Wandlungen - Transformation;CD album;1986;CMP Records;CD 29;Germany;
Joachim Kühn;From time to time free;CD album;1988;CMP Records;CMP CD 35;Germany;
Joachim Kühn;Carambolage;CD album;1991;CMP Records;CMP CD 58;Germany;
Joachim Kühn;Euro African Suite (with Ray Lema);CD album;1992;Buda records;92549-2;France;
Joachim Kühn;Music for two brothers (with Rolf Kühn);CD album;1998;MPS;539 101-2;;
Pierre van der Linden;Interview;Paperclip;1973;Muziekkrant Oor;;Holland;File for download
Kaz Lux;I'm the worst partner I know;Vinyl LP;1973;EMI Harvest;5C05624 778;Holland;Gatefold
Kaz Lux;Monk?;Vinyl LP;1974;Bovema Neogram;5N 038-25117;Holland;
Kaz Lux;Luxury;Vinyl LP;1979;CNR;655.095;Holland;
Kaz Lux;Pupka;CD album;1994;;KZLCD 1002030 1;Other;
Maggie MacNeal;Fools together;Vinyl LP;1977;Warner Bros.;WBN-56.406;USA;
Maggie MacNeal;White room;Vinyl single;1977;Warner;PRO 113;Germany;Promo Picture sleeve
Maggie MacNeal;Amsterdam;Vinyl single;1980;WEA;WEAN 18.216;Holland;With sound or video Picture sleeve
Minute By Minute;Don't mess with fire;CD album;1996;Start;SRH 803;;
Minute By Minute;Timewatch;CD album;1989;SKY;TCD 10077;Holland;
Minute By Minute;Long hot night;CD album;2002;Angel Air;SJPCD108;Other;
Bert Ruiter;Interview;Paperclip;1973;Muziekkrant Oor;;Holland;File for download
Bert Ruiter;Promo photo;Photo;1972;Polydor;;;
Ramses Shaffy;Hollands glorie;CD album;2002;CNR;22 207292;Holland;With sound or video
Ramses Shaffy;Sammy;Vinyl single;1966;Philips;JF 333 600;Holland;Picture sleeve
Ramses Shaffy;Shaffy Cantate;Vinyl single;1966;Philips;JF 327 963;Holland;Picture sleeve
Ramses Shaffy;Match box mark;Other;;;;Holland;
Solution;Solution;Vinyl LP;1971;Catfish;5C 054-24 377;Holland;
Solution;Fully interlocking;Vinyl LP;1977;The Rocket Record Company;ROLL 8;UK;
Solution;It's only just begun;Vinyl LP;1980;CBS;84119;Holland;
Solution;Divergence / Fever;Vinyl single;1973;Harvest;5C 006-24828;Holland;With sound or video Picture sleeve Other artists doing Focus-covers
Solution;Melody Maker advert;Paperclip;1972;Melody Maker;;UK;
Trace;Trace;Vinyl LP;1977;Philips;RJ-7242;Japan;With sound or video
Trace;Trace;CD album;n/a;n/a;n/a;;
Trace;Birds;Vinyl LP;1975;Philips;6413 080;Holland;
Trace;The white ladies;Vinyl LP;1977;Vertigo;6360 855;Holland;
Trace;Trace - Birds - The white ladies;CD album;2004;VH;VHRCD 0070070 - VHRCD 0070071;Other;Double
Rogier van Otterloo;Visions;Vinyl LP;1974;CBS;65938;Holland;With sound or video
Rogier van Otterloo;Visions;CD album;1993;Pop Shop / Columbia;COL 474619 2;;
Rogier van Otterloo;Moods;Vinyl LP;1976;CBS;80974;Holland;
Jasper van't Hof;Eyeball;CD album;1995;Limetree;FCD 0002;Holland;
Jasper van't Hof;However;Vinyl LP;1977;MPS;MPS 15513;Germany;
Jasper van't Hof;The Selfkicker;Vinyl LP;1977;MPS;68.164;Germany;
Jasper van't Hof;Meditation;CD album;1987;Keytone;KYT 712 CD;Holland;
Jasper van't Hof;Jakko (Pili Pili);CD album;1987;Jaro Red Bullet;JARO 4131;Holland;
Various artists;A Tribute to Keith Emerson & Greg Lake;Vinyl LP;2020;Purple Pyramid / Cleopatra Records;CLO1539;USA;
Various artists;Advanced Warning: Nothing to be afraid of;CD album;1991;Affinity / Charly Records;CD Charly 300;Other;Signed
Various artists;Alleyne-Johnson, Ed: Reflections;CD album;2006;Wingspan Records;WINGCD6;UK;Other artists doing Focus-covers
Various artists;Alquin: Nobody can wait forever;Vinyl LP;1975;Polydor;2925 030;;Gatefold
Various artists;Amuedo, Leonardo: Leonardo Amuedo;CD album;1997;Mercury;534968-2;Holland;
Various artists;Ange: Culinaire Lingus;CD album;2006;Musea;FGBG 4612.AR;France;
Various artists;Ayreon: Into the electric castle - A space opera ;CD album;2004;Irond;04-798;Other;Double
Various artists;Ayreon: 01011001;CD album;2008;Inside out;SPV 79680 DCD+DVD;Germany;Triple Box
Various artists;Bais, Coen: A touch of magic;CD album;1997;BMG - Miramar;09006-23090-2;Holland;
Various artists;Banks, Peter: Two sides of Peter Banks;Vinyl LP;1973;Sovereign Capitol;SMAS-11217;USA;Gatefold
Various artists;Banks, Peter: Two sides of Peter Banks;CD album;1994;One Way;S21-18009 ;USA;
Various artists;Banzai: Hora Nata;Vinyl LP;1974;Delta;DG 10.001;Holland;Gatefold
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Various artists;Ten Sharp: You;CD single;1991;Columbia;656664 2;Holland;
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Various artists;Vamos, Carlos: Tappenade;CD album;2004;Carlos Vamos;;;
Various artists;Vanderlek, Boris: Blue & Sentimental;CD album;2005;A-Records;AL73248;;
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Various artists;Zadeh, Aziza Mustafa: Jazziza;CD album;1997;Sony;487897 2;Other;
Various artists;Zon: I'm worried about the boys & Live in Montreal;CD album;;Vinyl Reissues;CD 096;Other;Other artists doing Focus-covers
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Various artists - compilations;The guitar players;CD album;2001;MCPS;KBOX3261;UK;Triple Box
Various artists - compilations;The Neat singles Collection - Volume one;CD album;2002;Neat Records;CMDDD445;UK;Double Other artists doing Focus-covers
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Various artists - compilations;The Best Prog Rock album in the world ...ever!;CD album;2003;EMI / Virgin;VTDCD 533;;Triple Box
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Various artists - compilations;Live In Hope: The wildlife album 2;CD album;2006;Market Square Records;MSM CD139;UK;
Various artists - compilations;The wildlife album;CD album;2005;Market Square Records;MSM CD134;UK;
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Various artists - compilations;Sound Monsters;Vinyl LP;n/a;JC Production;0407;Other;
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Various artists - compilations;The Dali CD;CD album;n/a;Dali;F1008;Holland;
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Various artists - compilations;Classic Rock Festival;DVD;2003;Magna Pacific;DVD 11213;;
Various artists - compilations;Guitar heroes;DVD;2003;Rock Legends / Regeneration Ltd.;CRP1658 PAL;;
Various artists - compilations;The guitar wizards;DVD;2003;Classic Rock;CRL 1058 PAL;Germany;
Various artists - compilations;Keyboard wizards;DVD;2004;Magna Pacific;DVD 11150;;
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Various artists - compilations;Pinkpop 25;Books and magazines;1994;;;Holland;
Various artists - compilations;50 Jaar Nederpop (booklet);Books and magazines;2008;;;Holland;File for download
Various artists - compilations;Night of the guitar leaflet;Other;1991;;;;
Various artists - compilations;Program for 6th Ards International Guitar Fesival;Books and magazines;2002;;;UK;
Various artists - compilations;Booklet for Beaufort Theatre & Ballroom;Books and magazines;2003;;;UK;
Various artists - compilations;Classic Legends of Rock flyer;Other;2008;;;UK;