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Jan Akkerman
Jan Akkerman 3


Liner notes by Jan Akkerman:

The album was the third project I made for Warner Brothers Holland.
That's why they called it Akkerman 3.

My producer, Richard DeBois, who's unfortunately no longer with us: R.I.P. His idea was to record the backingtracks in Holland, the strings & woodwinds in Londonand the horns and vocals in New York. The arrangements were done by Michael Gibbs at Berkley's in Boston and the mixing in LA,.... logistically a bitch but sounded like great fun to me.

It was the strangest contribution I made on one of my "own" albums, simply beacuse the emphasis was not so much Guitarplaying but composition/production.

Nice atmosphere, no idiosyncratic guitarlicks in order to keep the smooth flow of the album. Smooth jazz before its time and I became aware that I'm not the person for the industrial age unless it's a chance to be able to do what I want...., musically. So I'm very grateful for this product which let me show another side of myself and other people's talents combined in this project.

I like the compositions and love the participation of all the people on this CD, which, in the first place, was my main reason for realizing Richard's and my own dream.

Not many people understood the album in 1980, so I hope that changes and the people in 2010 will.

From the desk of Jan Akkerman

Btw: For the ones who also wants to walk on water, first check under the surface where the poles are.

CD album
Release No.
SU 29034
Jan Akkerman (Guitars)
Peter Schön (Keyboards)
Gene Santini (Bass)
Bruno Castellucci (Drums)
Neppie Noya (Percussion)
Duane Hitchings (Keyboards on "She's So Divine")
Bunny Brunell (Bass on "She's So Divine")
David Igelfeld (Drums on "She's So Divine")
Yvette Carson (Vocals on "Funk Me")
Willie Dee (Vocals on "She's So Divine")
Jody Pijper (Backing Vocals)
Kimm Hekker (Backing Vocals)
Margo Thunder (Backing Vocals)
Henry Ronde (Steeldrums)
John Faddis (Trumpet, Flügelhorn)
Alan Rubin (Trumpet, Flügelhorn)
Tom Malone (Trombone)
Dave Taylor (Trombone)
Jim Odgren (Altosax, solo on "Funk Me")
Michael Brecker (Tenorsax)
Lou Marini (Tenorsax)
Howard Johnson (Baritonsax)
John Clark (French Horn)
Peter Gordon (French Horn)
Richard DeBois
Jay Denson, Neal Teeman, John Stronach
Soundpush Studios and Fendelsound Studios - Loenen - Holland, R.P.M. Studios - New York, Kendun Recorders - Burbank - California, C.T.S. Studios - London
Stingray (Get up with that)
Wait and see
She's so divine
Funk me
This is the one
Time out of mind