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Bojoura, in full Raina Gerardina Bojoura Cleuver van Melzen, was born in The Hague, Holland, on April 15, 1947. She is the daughter of Dany Zonewa, a well-known opera-singer and music-teacher of Bulgarian origin.

Bojoura (the Bulgarian name for peony) was discovered by George Kooymans of the Golden Earring in 1967. One of his songs landed her on the local hit parade and made her an instant success: she has won the popularity polls ever since.

During the 1967-68 season she became the hostess of the AVRO-TV programme "View" in which she interviewed The Supremes as well as Truman Capote. In the summer of 1968 an invitation followed to represent the Netherlands at the "Festival Orphée d'Or" in Burgas, Bulgaria.

In 1969, her version of "Frank Mills" from the musical Hair hit the top of the local bestsellers lists. As a result of this success she has since been making personal appearances with the Thijs van Leer trio.