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Kaz Lux

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In the late 60's a young man with a polish father, Kasimirz (or Kaz) Lux starts singing in several bands and starts writing his own material.

In 1968 he enters a talent scouting and wins. The first prize is to record a demo for the Bovema label. Because the producers aren't much impressed by his fellow band mates, they suggest he records the demo with the help of studio musicians. Here he meets guitarist Jan Akkerman, drummer Pierre van der Linden (who also played in After Tea) and pianist Wim Jongbloed.

Because Lux didn't like the playing of Jongbloed, he asked Rob Hoeke. In the recording session they recorded two songs: Down man and Woman's gone. Akkerman played the bass guitar during the session. Only the second track survived.

A few months later Lux is asked by Akkerman and Van der Linden to form a band. As a bass player they recruit Andre Reynen, as was suggested by their manager, John van Setten. And so Brainbox is started.

When Brainbox is disbanded Kaz Lux starts a solo career. His first album is released in 1972 and a few more in the years to come. In 1976 he teams up with Jan Akkerman again to make an album together, Eli. Among the other musicians are former Ekseption and Trace keyboard player Rick van der Linden and ex-Brainbox, ex-Focus and ex-Trace drummer Pierre van der Linden. The album becomes a success. In 1980 Akkerman and Lux make another album together, Transparental. Again musical help is provided by the two van der Lindens.

In the following years Kaz Lux participates in several reforms of Brainbox (these times without Jan Akkerman) and is also singer in the band Flavium, besides of his solo career.