The Focus

New platform and carefully modernized. The content will be updated from time to time. Occasionally but continuously - sort of.

For in-depth reviews of the music of Focus, please visit the blog of
Gary Brady.

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Alex Gitlin's Nederpop Encyclopedia

Welcome to my Focus collection!

I bought my first Focus record in the middle of the 70's - after watching the Rainbow Concert on Norwegian TV. Since then my collection has grown to some hundred items - including records by several other (mostly Dutch) bands and musicians with some kind of relationship to Focus. I have made this site for myself - to keep track of everything. But I know there are lots of other fans out there. Hope you find something of interest.

The database is far from complete...
I've been collecting these records and items for more than 50 years, and there is still lots of information to be submitted. Lots of the vinyl is missing, but I hope to have everything in place before the end of 2024. These are the additions for the last month

Kjell Arne